Rhinoplasty is a procedure that reshapes the nose to improve its appearance or function. For many people, a prominent, asymmetrical or bumpy nose leads to extreme self-consciousness and lack of self-esteem. Rhinoplasty offers them a chance to improve their appearance by eliminating what they consider to be an undesirable physical feature.


Rhinoplasty Can Change The Nose By:

  • Altering its size
  • Sculpting the nasal tip
  • Removing nasal bumps by contouring nasal bony tissue
  • Correcting any other deformity
  • Resolving a breathing problem

 Good Candidates

  • Are at least 18 years of age who no longer experience growth spurts
  • Do not have life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions that impair healing
  • Don’t smoke
  • Have a positive outlook but realistic goals for their appearance improvement


The Procedure

During rhinoplasty, Dr. Swier will expose the tissues of the nose—most of which are cartilage—along with the small bony tissue at the top of the nose. These are the tissues that will be sculpted to refine your appearance. If surgery will leave the tip of your nose out of line with the rest of it, Dr. Swier will also sculpt the nasal tip. If there is a deviated septum and airway obstruction, that can be corrected as well. The contouring of bony nasal tissue can also be performed. In some cases the bony tissue of the nose must be broken to be repositioned.

Consultation, Surgery & Recovery - Rhinoplasty