Consultation and Evaluation
First, you will:

  • Discuss your goals and the look you want to achieve
  • Learn about options available to you
  • Learn the likely outcomes and potential risks of the procedure
  • Get a course of treatment recommended by Dr. Swier
  • Ask questions and get answers to help you understand the process

Be sure to:

  • Openly share your expectations
  • Disclose your complete health history, current medications, and use of vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Commit to precisely follow all of Dr. Swier’s instructions


Before Surgery
You will:

  • Be given diagnostic testing
  • Be given medication prescriptions
  • Be given day-of-surgery instructions and medications
  • Be given specific information related to the use of anesthesia
  • Be asked to sign consent papers
  • Learn the risks associated with surgery


Following Surgery
Once your procedure is completed:

  • Small sutures close the incisions
  • The incision will be bandaged or taped
  • You will learn how to care for the surgical site
  • You’ll be given medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce potential for infection
  • You’ll learn what to look for in the surgical site and overall
  • You’ll be asked to keep your head elevated at all times for 48 to 72 hours
  • You’ll be given specific postoperative instructions, including how to cleanse your face
  • You’ll learn when you may return to light activity
  • You’ll receive a follow-up appointment with Dr. Swier


Progress and Healing

Most incisions are well-healed within a week. Healing will continue for at least several weeks afterward as swelling resolves and incision lines continue to improve.

At first you may experience common conditions including:

  • Swelling
  • Numbness and discomfort
  • Bruising or discoloring
  • Temporary restriction of facial movements

Within one week:

  • Your stitches will be removed
  • You may return to work

Within four to six weeks:

  • Strenuous activity and exercising may be resumed