Cosmetic Surgery

girlmirrorcropped2Most of us have improvements that we would like to make to our bodies and faces. Whether you would like to soften the signs of aging, correct facial proportion, improve the appearance of scars, enhance the shape and size of your breasts or reshape your figure, the Swier Clinic is an excellent choice. The Swier clinic offers a variety of procedures to help you look and feel your best, with the philosophy that true beauty is uniquely personal.

Even before you benefit from the experience and skill of Dr. Swier, you’ll be engaged in a refreshing, supportive discussion about your expectations. We’ll help you discover the best way to achieve the result you’re looking for—and decide on timing. You’ll also learn what to expect both during the procedure and when you’re recovering.


Reconstructive Surgery - Skin Cancer

At the Swier Clinic we treat a large number of patients with skin cancer. Skin cancers like basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas are removed usually in the office using local anesthesia and sometimes some sedation.

Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 resections until all the margins are free of tumor. Following the resections the wound is reconstructed. Reconstructions include simple, intermediate or complex closures, local tissue rearrangements, local flaps or even skin grafts. Reconstructions are generally performed the same day that the cancer was removed.  The entire process generally takes 1–2 hours per lesion, but is a little unpredictable since reconstructions cannot be performed until all the margins are free of tumor. 


Reconstructive Surgery - Breast Cancer

Breast reconstruction in a treatment plan for breast cancer is growing in acceptance and popularity.  Advancements in technique and aesthetic outcome have resulted in a high level of satisfaction among woman and can be a physically and emotionally rewarding procedure.  The creation of a new breast has been shown to dramatically improve self-image, self-confidence and quality of life.

The Swier clinic offers a wide variety of prosthetics to help meet you individual shape, size and goals for Breast Reconstruction.  Ask Dr. Swier about the new, FDA approved, anatomically shaped silicone implant that is more true to the shape of a woman’s breast.